Board Member To Enhance Operations for Orthopedic Practice Growth

Service Area: Operations Performance & Improvement

Client Type: Lower Middle-Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Senior Executive – Board Member

Industry: Healthcare Services

The Need
Enhancing Strategic Direction with Expert Board Leadership

A lower middle-market PE firm, specializing in nurturing founder/family-owned businesses, identified a critical need for strategic board leadership within one of their portfolio companies in the orthopedic space. With a focus on Orthopedic Physician Practice Management and MSO (Management Services Organization) partnerships, the company sought a board member who could provide unparalleled guidance, leveraging a deep understanding of the healthcare and orthopedic industry to drive growth and operational efficiency.

The Challenge
Hiring Senior Executive with Orthopedic Expertise

The portfolio company, despite its success in managing a high-revenue orthopedic practice, faced challenges amid the complexities of the healthcare industry without a board member who had specific orthopedic experience. The goal was to hire a seasoned executive capable of complementing the CEO’s vision, offering tactical, analytical insights and potentially stepping into a leadership role if necessary. The ideal candidate would not only understand the nuances of MSO operations but also possess the strategic foresight to guide the company through its next growth phase.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting with the Ideal Candidate

BluWave utilized its extensive network within the healthcare sector to identify senior executives with a proven track record in the orthopedic space. By understanding the unique needs and growth aspirations of the portfolio company, BluWave facilitated a connection with a senior executive who had the exact blend of experience, strategic insight and operational expertise required. The introductions were made within a single business day.

The selected executive was not only familiar with the challenges of scaling orthopedic practices but also brought a wealth of knowledge in executing growth initiatives and enhancing back-office support systems.

The Result
A Board Member Ready to Drive Growth

Through BluWave’s strategic connection, the portfolio company welcomed a new board member. With a background as a CEO within the orthopedic MSO space, the executive brought a comprehensive operational view, analytical acumen and a proven ability to execute growth strategies. This addition to the board ensured the company was well-positioned to enhance its service offerings, streamline operations and achieve its ambitious growth targets.


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