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Critical need for pricing strategy expert for B2C company

A PE-backed B2C company came to us with a critical need for a pricing strategy expert to maximize revenue. Since competing against big-box retailers, the company realized their need to set pricing that clearly conveyed the value of their offerings to their price-conscious and value-driven consumers. They set this objective as a top priority and urgently needed a PE-grade pricing strategy expert that had experience in the consumer products industry and could set a pricing and promotion strategy to maximize response rates and demand.

BluWave has in-network experts to connect with client

The client reached out to BluWave and within several hours, we interviewed the company to understand the details & nuances of their need. BluWave utilizes technology, data, and human ingenuity to pre-map assess, monitor, and maintain deep pools of best-in-class pricing strategy experts. Mapping the specifics of the company’s need to our marketplace of third-party resources, we identified two exact-fit pricing strategy experts for the client.

Company engages expert to maximize revenue

Quickly after the initial scoping call, the company was introduced to two PE-grade pricing strategy experts that specialized in the consumer products industry. The client selected their ideal choice. The B2C company was able to confidently drive an excellent outcome without wasting time and the client was able to quickly achieve its objective of maximizing response rates and demand through strategic pricing and an aggressive seasonal promotional schedule.


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