Pricing strategy expert urgently needed for SaaS portco

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Building out a new product GTM strategy, PE firm & portco needs pricing expert

A PE senior associate came to us with a critical need for a pricing strategy expert for their SaaS portfolio company that was developing a new application to sell into the healthcare sector. The firm and portco had been working with a GTM strategist on the commercial plan, but now urgently needed a pricing expert that could help them determine how to price the new product. With the product almost ready to roll out, they needed a pricing expert that could start within the next 2-3 weeks, had industry experience, and could develop as well as justify a pricing strategy for the application.

BluWave has in-network pricing expert with relevant industry knowledge

Leveraging our founder’s 20 years in private equity, we have extensive frameworks for assessing PE-grade pricing strategy needs. BluWave utilizes technology, data, and human ingenuity to pre-map, assess, monitor, and maintain deep pools of pricing experts that uniquely meet the private equity standard. We interviewed the PE firm and portfolio company to understand their specific key criteria, and then connected the client with the select pre-vetted pricing strategist from our invitation-only Intelligent Network that fit their exacting needs.

Firm selects best in class provider to move forward with pricing strategy

Within 24 hours of the initial scoping call, the PE firm was introduced to two PE-grade pricing experts that specialized in SaaS based businesses and were available to help the client immediately. The client selected their ideal choice and was able to confidently develop a pricing strategy and ultimately, roll out their new application to the healthcare market.


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