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Quickly perform digital marketing due diligence on new business


Understanding the digital landscape has never been more important. Our PE fund client needed a resource to perform digital due diligence for an e-commerce-enabled aftermarket products business. To build confidence in the investment, our client needed to know more about the target’s SEM, SEO, user experience (UX), and transaction process (mobile versus desktop, etc.) capabilities, as well as gain clear insight into the state of the platform itself. Additionally, the PE Fund client required a quick turnaround time.


BluWave utilized its extensive experience helping other PE funds with similar digital diligence requirements to intimately understand our clients' needs. Immediately following our scoping call with the PE fund, we connected our client with three expert groups from our invitation-only Intelligent Network. Each one had extensive experience with digital marketing due diligence—particularly in the areas of SEM, SEO, UX, conversion path analysis, Google Analytics, and digital GTM. ​


Our client efficiently selected an expert PE-grade group with specific experience in the target’s industry as well as best-in-class e-commerce/online retail experience. Beyond digital marketing due diligence expertise, this group also understood the target’s specific tech stack. The PE fund was able to assess the company with unique insights that enabled them to have a different perspective on the company and quickly close on the investment opportunity. ​

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