Rebuilding to create a growth-oriented, collaborative company


A multi-site healthcare provider portco was in need of turnaround expertise to help improve their growth-stalled performance. The PE fund was open to both groups and individuals with the right skills.  Additionally, the PE fund preferred the expert resource(s) be based in the same city as the company headquarters to limit travel concerns. 


BluWave used its experience helping hundreds of PE funds connect with expert groups and interim executives to understand our client’s specific turnaround needs. We quickly connected them with the select pre-vetted groups from our invite-only Intelligent Network that could provide a comprehensive report/assessment from an objective vantage point—thereby laying the groundwork for an executable turnaround strategy by the right interim executive. We also provided the PE fund with targeted interim turnaround executives who could help execute the plan.


The PE fund quickly selected an expert resource with extensive experience with multi-location company turnarounds and a proven track record of success. The candidate was also located in the desired geographic location and was available during the exact time frame needed to start the turnaround process. After an initial assessment phase and interim service, the PE fund was able to quickly gain confidence in the interim executive. The PE fund ultimately hired the candidate full-time to lead and execute on the turnaround plan. ​

“BluWave delivered exactly what we needed at just the right time. As a result, the company has made significant progress in a short amount of time with the new CEO.”

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