Sales Benchmarking, Growth for Construction Company

Service Area: Sales & Marketing

Client Type: Lower Middle-Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Sales Effectiveness & Training Provider

Industry: Construction & Engineering

The Need
Elevating Sales Performance

The portfolio company, operating within the construction and engineering sector, required expertise in process mapping, benchmarking and sales strategy optimization. The goal was to identify revenue opportunities, enhance sales team activity and refine estimation processes.

The Challenge
Identifying a Provider with Industry-Specific Expertise

The primary challenge was finding a sales effectiveness and training provider with deep experience in the construction industry. The firm needed a partner capable of conducting detailed diligence on sales and finance, with the flexibility to split time between onsite work and remote analysis.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting with a Specialized Sales Effectiveness and Training Provider

BluWave provided the PE firm with a short list of sales effectiveness and training providers, each with a proven track record working with construction businesses. This approach ensured the selection of a provider who could offer both industry insight and practical sales strategy improvements.

The Result
Optimized Sales Processes and Readiness for Future Growth

The engagement led to a comprehensive overhaul of the portfolio company’s sales strategy, including detailed process mapping and benchmarking. This initiative resulted in increased sales revenue potential, improved activity levels among sales personnel and more efficient estimation practices.

I enjoyed working with him. After our new head of Sales settles into his role, we will likely reach out for another engagement.

-VP of Operations at PE Firm


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