Revitalizing Sales for LED Lighting Company: Strategic Turnaround

Service Area: Sales & Marketing

Client Type: PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Sales Effectiveness & Training Firm

Industry: Consumer Products

The Need
Top-Line Performance in the LED Lighting Space

A portfolio company in the LED lighting industry was experiencing significant sales challenges. Before investing in market intelligence solutions, the PE firm sought to evaluate the potential for enhancing salesforce effectiveness to uncover and capitalize on existing opportunities.

The Challenge
Optimizing Sales Strategy Amid Industry Headwinds

The LED lighting market was underperforming, partly due to external factors like tariffs. The company had already optimized operations but needed to explore sales dynamics further, particularly in managing and scaling their rep networks effectively within a niche market.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting High-Caliber Sales Effectiveness Consultant

BluWave provided the PE firm with a short list of sales effectiveness firms, ultimately connecting them with a consultant specializing in the LED lighting industry. This consultant was chosen for their deep market understanding, experience with representative networks and ability to deliver big consulting outcomes at a fraction of the cost.

The Result
Transformed Sales Strategy, Enhanced Market Penetration

The consultant conducted a comprehensive assessment, identifying key areas for improvement and devising a strategic plan to revitalize the company’s sales efforts. This led to better management of representative networks, improved direct sales strategies, and ultimately, a significant uplift in sales performance.

He did a tremendous job – went above and beyond; looking to bring him back on a fractional basis. Brings big consulting experience and deliverables at a fraction of the cost. For a one-man shop, definitely first-quartile type work. Great provider, very intelligent and engaged, provides an actionable deliverable and also has execution capabilities.

-Senior VP of PE Firm


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