Transforming E-commerce Company with Inside Sales Mastery

Service Area: Sales & Marketing

Client Type: Upper-Middle Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Sales Effectiveness & Training – Recruiting, Consulting Firm

Industry: Manufacturing

The Need
High-Performing Inside Sales Function

The portfolio company, a leader in e-commerce with the majority of its sales online, aimed to diversify its sales channels by building a traditional inside sales function. The goal was to develop a system that could be effectively managed and maintained by a future mid-level manager.

The Challenge
Creating Sales Process from Ground Up

Starting with little to no existing inside sales process, the challenge was to create a data-driven inside sales function from scratch. This involved assessing current performance, establishing processes and KPIs and generating ROI from the new sales function, all while ensuring a smooth transition to future management.

How BluWave Helped
Specialized Sales Consultant for Immediate Impact

BluWave provided the PE firm with a curated list of sales consulting and recruiting firms, ultimately connecting them with a consultant experienced in building inside sales teams for manufacturing and e-commerce companies. This consultant was selected for their hands-on approach, deep understanding of data-driven sales strategies and experience with HubSpot.

The Result
Successful Launch, Operationalization of Inside Sales Team

With the consultant’s expertise, the portfolio company successfully launched its inside sales function, implementing processes and KPIs that laid the foundation for sustainable growth. This strategic development allowed the company to balance its channel profile, tapping into new markets and customer segments previously unreached through e-commerce alone.


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