Senior Advisor for Roll-Up of Gas Stations, Convenience Stores

Human Capital
Value Creation

Service Area: Human Capital

Client Type: Lower-Middle Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Senior Advisor

Industry: Real Estate

The Need
Expert for a Gas Station, Convenience Store Roll-Up

An East Coast real estate investment firm required external expertise to evaluate a retail transaction involving the roll-up strategy of approximately 100 gas station and convenience store locations. They sought a seasoned advisor to provide high-level analysis, identify potential red flags and validate strategic assumptions.

The Challenge
Senior Advisor with Retail, Real Estate Experience

The firm needed an advisor with a robust background in both retail operations and real estate, particularly in gas stations and convenience stores. This individual had to possess the capability to synthesize data, offer strategic insights and ensure the firm was making informed decisions within a tight year-end timeline.

How BluWave Helped
Identifying Candidates with Proven Industry Success

BluWave connected the firm with a short list of senior advisors who had extensive experience in the gas station and convenience store sector, including significant transactions and operational expertise. This advisor had a successful track record of consulting on similar deals, providing strategic guidance and facilitating higher-than-expected sales outcomes for clients.

The Result
Strategic Validation, Enhanced Confidence in Transaction Decisions

With the senior advisor’s contribution, the firm proceeded with confidence, armed with expert insights that validated their strategic direction and investment assumptions. The advisor’s involvement led to a thorough evaluation of the roll-up strategy, ensuring that all critical factors were considered and that the firm was positioned for successful negotiations and acquisitions.

Enjoyed working with him. He demonstrated an expert knowledge of the subject matter and was excellent. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again and would recommend anyone else do the same. He was willing to make himself available and prioritize our project.

-Principal, Acquisitions at PE Firm


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