Visionary Growth CEO for Philanthropic Advisory

PE-Backed Companies
Human Capital
Value Creation

Service Area: Executive Search

Client Type: Middle-Market Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: Specialized Recruiters

Industry: Professional Services

The Need
Pioneering Profit-Focused Leadership

A prominent middle-market private equity firm recognized the importance of hiring a CEO with an exceptional ability to drive profit-focused growth within a professional services company. With a strong foundation in social impact, the client’s portfolio company, a leading provider of philanthropic advisory services, sought an operator capable of steering the organization to new heights.

The Challenge
Nurturing Vision with Profitability

The portfolio company, generating approximately $80 million in annual revenue, engaged in philanthropic advisory services, outsourced accounting for nonprofits and fiscal sponsorship. While successful in the social sector, the company needed a transformative leader to expand its profitability. The challenge lay in identifying a CEO experienced in both professional services and private equity, who could manage and own the P&L, while also leading a team that often comprised millennial staff.

How BluWave Helped
Exclusive PE-Vetted CEO Search

BluWave tapped its network of meticulously vetted executive recruitment firms with a PE focus for a targeted CEO search. The specialized recruiter the PE firm chose from the short list aimed to identify a visionary leader with experience in professional services, private equity and successful P&L management.

The Result
A Visionary CEO for Profitable Expansion

The chosen search firm presented a CEO with expertise extended across professional services and private equity. This visionary leader’s background encompassed transforming businesses within the professional services realm, backed by private equity experience. With a proven ability to own and manage P&L, the new CEO had the insight to boost the portfolio company’s annual revenue. This strategic placement not only addressed the immediate need for an operator but also positioned the company for accelerated growth within the philanthropic advisory landscape.


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