Controller with Leadership Skills for Resilient Growth

PE-Backed Companies
Human Capital
Value Creation

Service Area: Human Capital

Client Type: Portfolio Company

Service Provider Type: Controller Recruitment

Industry: Professional Services

The Need
Fortifying Financial Leadership for Growth

Amid the drive for strengthened financial stewardship, an portfolio company embarked on a vital mission to secure an adept controller. This strategic hire would steer a tech-enabled business services firm towards reinvigorating its standing, targeting more than $100 million revenue and just below $10 million EBITDA in the post-pandemic landscape.

The Challenge
Balancing Transition and Empowerment

The resignation of the former controller in early 2021 prompted a transitional phase. The assistant controller stepped into the role temporarily, yet the company sought an accomplished, permanent figure to lead the financial team. This transition signified an opportunity to establish a dynamic financial strategy, positioning the firm for resurgence in a post-pandemic economy.

How BluWave Helped
Niche Recruiter Delivers

For the crucial controller recruitment, BluWave introduced a skilled recruiter specializing in financial talent acquisition. With a notable history of placing finance and accounting professionals and a deep understanding of the target market’s dynamics, the third-party service provider was primed for this task.

The Result
Next-Level Financial Strategy

The adept recruiter, renowned for her acumen in the local target market, launched into action. Backed by extensive experience in financial leadership placements, she skillfully aligned the client’s requisites with her expertise. As the recruitment journey unfolded, the promise of renewed financial stewardship and growth resonated, paving the way for revitalized operations, elevated financial resilience and sustained progress.


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