Revolutionizing Sales Strategies for a Robust Roofing Roll-Up

Value Creation

Industry: Construction and Engineering

Service Area: Human Capital

Client Type: Upper-Middle Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Non-Executive Recruiting Firm for VP of Sales

The Need
Unleashing Sales Potential in a Diverse Roofing Business

A progressive roofing roll-up, specializing in both residential and commercial sectors, sought to enhance its sales strategies and expand its footprint. The company aimed to recruit a VP of Sales, a unique role envisioned as a dynamic force to lead a national sales team, streamline sales strategies, and drive significant business growth of at least 4X. The ideal candidate would be a road warrior, leading from the front, adept at managing diverse sales strategies ranging from door-to-door sales to sophisticated network building with insurance agents.

The Challenge
Finding the Unicorn: A Versatile and Visionary VP of Sales

The role demanded a candidate with a rare blend of attributes – a natural-born salesperson, a strategic leader and a dynamic team builder. The VP of Sales would not only lead and mentor a vast team of more than 150 direct sellers and 15 managers but also be instrumental in sculpting multiple go-to-market strategies, enhancing formal training processes and spearheading expansion through acquisitions and geographical diversifications.

How BluWave Helped
Crafting a Tailored Search for a Multifaceted Role

BluWave connected the PE firm with a specialized recruiter group focused on identifying candidates with a profound understanding of direct-field services and a distributed workforce model. The approach was tailored to ensure that the candidates not only resonated with the unique sales strategies of the roofing roll-up but also brought a vision to revolutionize the sales paradigms, driving unprecedented growth.

The Result
A Strategic Visionary Poised to Propel Sales and Growth

The private equity firm chose from a short list of candidates a VP of Sales who embodied the visionary leadership and dynamic sales acumen for which the roofing roll-up aspired. The new VP of Sales is poised to be a transformative force, ready to unleash innovative sales strategies, mentor and lead a vast team and drive the company toward remarkable growth and success in the roofing industry.


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