Chief Medical Officer Search for a Healthcare Services Firm

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Industry: Healthcare Services

Service Area: Human Capital

Client Type: Private Equity Firm – Large Capital

Service Provider Type: Executive Search Firm

The Need
Chief Medical Officer with Data Expertise

A large capital private equity firm reached out to BluWave in need of a chief medical officer (CMO) for one of iits portfolio companies in the healthcare services sector. The ideal candidate would not only possess the typical expertise of a CMO in healthcare practice and management but also have a deep understanding of population health and clinical data analytics.

The Challenge
Niche Expert in a Broad Healthcare Landscape

The portfolio company provided primary care and mental health services to community-based clinics, specifically serving veterans. These clinics were contracted by the VA and were spread out nationally.

The company was in a unique position. Their previous chief medical officer had recently left, and they were looking to fill the position with a candidate possessing a slightly different skill set. The new CMO would be responsible for managing and leading the clinical outcomes and metrics. A key part of their role would be to improve the analysis of clinical data sets and apply population health theory.

How BluWave Helped
Specialized Search for a Unique Requirement

BluWave’s leveraged its extensive network and industry knowledge to immediately identify executive search firms with the niche expertise required for this role. By understanding the client’s unique situation and the intricacies of the healthcare sector, the firm facilitated a tailored search process, ensuring that the client was introduced to the most suitable options.

The Result
Tailored Match for Continued Success

The client was introduced to a short list of candidates that perfectly fit their requirements. The search was not only efficient but also aligned with the client’s unique needs, ensuring that the portfolio company was well-positioned for future success with the right leadership at the helm.

Great job searching for an industry-specific provider and very responsive. Appreciated the ability to work on a contingency basis and flexibility in scoping given the unique nature of the search.

-Associate VP of PE Firm


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