Versatile Controller for an Innovative Legal Tech SaaS Business

PE Firms
Value Creation

Industry: Technology – Software – Legal

Service Area: Human Capital

Client Type: PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Non-Executive Recruiting Firm

The Need
Building Robust Financial Infrastructure for Growth

A burgeoning U.S.-based legal tech SaaS business, backed by a PE firm, was on a mission to revolutionize legal processes through automation and analytical insights. With a promising trajectory, the company sought to bolster its financial infrastructure to support and sustain its rapid growth. The search was on for a versatile controller, someone who could not only manage the day-to-day financial operations but also strategize and steer the company toward financial optimization.

The Challenge
Industry, Role Nuances

The ideal candidate would be someone adept at wearing multiple hats, capable of handling everything from accounts payable and receivable to strategic financial planning. Given the company’s innovative focus on legal tech, the controller would also need to navigate conversations with various stakeholders, including founders who might not be deeply versed in financial reporting, and investors and board members requiring sophisticated financial insights. The geographical location and the specific industry experience of the candidates were also crucial factors.

How BluWave Helped
Tailored Approach to Hiring the Right Fit

BluWave connected the private equity firm with a specialized non-executive recruiting firm with a robust background in controller roles, a deep understanding of early-stage business dynamics and a geographical alignment with the West Coast. The approach was tailored to ensure that the candidates the search firm presented not only met the technical requirements but also resonated with the unique culture and vision of the portfolio company.

The Result
Strategic Addition to Foster Financial Excellence

BluWave’s strategic approach and network enabled the legal tech SaaS company to identify a controller who perfectly aligned with their needs and vision. The new hire brought a blend of operational expertise and strategic acumen, ready to build a robust financial infrastructure that would support the company’s innovative trajectory and growth aspirations.

“My feedback is very positive.”

-Managing director of PE firm


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