Interim Finance Leadership for Construction & Engineering Business

Service Area: Human Capital

Client Type: Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: Accounting Temp Staffing Firm

Industry: Construction & Engineering

The Need
Expert Staffing for Complex Financial Operations

A private equity firm needed to enhance financial management and controls within its construction and engineering portfolio company, specifically requiring an interim financial analyst and a HoldCo controller. These roles were critical for addressing complex financial analysis and standardizing accounting practices across various brands, ultimately supporting the firm’s strategic objectives including preparation for a potential exit.

The Challenge
Sourcing Specialized Financial Talent for Diverse Needs

The firm sought to efficiently identify and engage a staffing partner capable of understanding and fulfilling the unique demands of construction and engineering finance, particularly in roles that would drive the standardization and optimization of financial operations across multiple business entities.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting with an Expert Accounting Temp Staffing Firm

BluWave connected the private equity firm with a highly specialized staffing firm that excels in recruiting interim financial roles tailored to the construction and engineering sectors. This partnership was pivotal in sourcing candidates with the right blend of experience and expertise to meet the specific challenges faced by the portfolio company.

The Result
Streamlined Financial Management at Company Level

Through the recruitment efforts of the chosen staffing firm, the private equity firm successfully placed interim financial leaders who implemented robust financial controls and processes. This strategic move significantly improved the operational efficiency and preparedness of the portfolio company for upcoming strategic initiatives, including a potential exit.


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