Enhanced Data Integrity, Financial Operations with Specialized Staffing

Service Area: Temp Staffing

Client Type: Roof & Exterior Home Services Company

Service Provider Type: Temporary Staffing and Interim Financial Professionals

Industry: Construction & Engineering

The Need
Comprehensive Data Cleanup, Financial Oversight

A leading construction & engineering portfolio company faced a critical challenge: significant gaps in customer information and financial data across various systems, including CRM and accounting software. The company required immediate assistance to ensure data integrity and to standardize accounting and controls across its brands, all while preparing for a potential exit strategy.

The Challenge
Sourcing Specialized Temporary Staff Quickly

The portfolio company needed to quickly onboard temporary staff capable of manual data entry and cleanup, as well as more specialized roles such as an interim financial analyst and an interim holding company controller. These roles demanded not only proficiency in data management and financial analysis but also experience in construction and engineering sector-specific financial practices, including percentage of completion (POC) accounting and lease accounting.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting with Targeted Expertise

BluWave leveraged its extensive network of temporary staffing and interim professional services to identify and connect the portfolio company with the precise talent it needed. This included data entry specialists for immediate manual data cleanup and highly qualified interim professionals capable of tackling complex financial analysis and accounting standardization. BluWave’s targeted approach ensured that each professional had the specific skill set required, including familiarity with the construction and engineering industry’s unique financial and operational challenges.

The Result
Enhanced Data Integrity, Financial Standardization

With the temporary staffing and interim professionals BluWave connected, the portfolio company successfully addressed its data integrity issues, filling in missing customer information and ensuring a comprehensive cleanup of financial data. The interim financial analyst and controller roles were instrumental in analyzing financial operations and implementing standardized accounting and control processes across the company’s brands. This strategic enhancement of both data management and financial operations positioned the company more favorably for a potential exit.


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