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An interim chief financial officer with relevant niche experience was needed

A private equity firm purchased multiple IT managed services companies with the intention of integrating them into one streamlined platform. The firm needed an interim chief financial officer immediately, but they did not have time or patience to sift through scores of unvetted, mixed-quality candidates. Rather, they wanted a candidate from a targeted subset of pre-vetted, PE-grade interim CFOs that fit their specific needs by company size, budget, industry, culture and geography. Crucially, the firm also needed an interim CFO who both understood the IT MSP environment and had a proven track record of successful financial integrations.

BluWave learned the need and matched the requirements to our pre-vetted resources

Leveraging our founder’s 20 years in private equity, we have extensive frameworks for assessing PE-grade interim CFOs. We utilize these frameworks to map, assess, monitor, and maintain deep pools of the select interim professionals that meet the private equity standard. In this instance, we interviewed the PE firm to understand their specific key criteria, and then matched these criteria to the right pre-vetted candidates from our invitation-only network.

The PE firm was quickly introduced to a targeted selection of interim CFOs that fit their exact needs

After interviewing a discrete number of custom-fit candidates, the PE firm chose their preferred candidate. This person started working within two weeks of the firm’s initial outreach to us. This interim chief financial officer quickly gained the trust of the portfolio companies’ leadership, successfully consolidated financial reporting across the two separate companies, and ultimately paved the way for the new permanent CFO. The PE firm was able to drive an excellent outcome without wasting time and opportunity costs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to know the market of the niche expert resources our clients need before they need them.


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