Vital Procurement Consulting Group to Solve Supply Chain Problems


A food & beverage manufacturing company needed a procurement group that could generate input cost savings. Having been recently acquired they needed a resource to develop and implement a sophisticated purchasing and procurement strategy for them. With COVID and inflation leading to supply chain issues and fluctuating prices on their raw materials, they urgently needed a procurement expert with experience in this specific section of the food and beverage raw materials market that could dig into the numbers and create a tactical plan.


The client reached out to BluWave and within several hours, we interviewed the company to understand the details & nuances of their need. BluWave utilizes technology, data, and human ingenuity to pre-map assess, monitor, and maintain deep pools of best-in-class procurement consulting groups. Mapping the specifics of the company’s need to our marketplace of third-party resources, we identified an exact-fit procurement consulting group for the client.


Quickly after the initial scoping call, we introduced the company to the exact-fit, pre-vetted service provider from our Intelligent Marketplace that we had identified met their exacting criteria. The client confidently engaged the provider and they quickly helped the client get their procurement strategy on track while also cutting unnecessary costs in the supply chain.

“Needing help re-sourcing their raw material inputs, we connected the company with a group that had deep experience sourcing those specific raw materials and had a consultant on staff who previously served as Chief Procurement Officer for the largest player in the space.”

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