Enhancing Customer Insight for Healthcare Investment Success

Service Area: Strategy – Voice of Customer

Client Type: Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: B2B VoC Consulting Firm

Industry: Healthcare Services

The Need
Customer Insights for Informed Expansion

The client, a private equity firm, recently secured an investment in a healthcare provider specializing in in-home IV hydration services. To strategically expand their services into the in-home med spa market, the firm recognized the necessity of understanding their current and potential customer base through a Voice of the Customer survey – a first for them.

The Challenge
Detailed Buyer Personas Across Multiple Markets

Embarking on their first customer survey, the firm faced the challenge of developing a comprehensive buyer persona. The target company, operating across four states and serving thousands, required a nuanced understanding of diverse customer demographics and preferences to inform potential service expansions.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting Expertise with Specific Needs

BluWave leveraged its network to connect the private equity firm with a specialized B2B VoC consulting firm. This provider was selected for its deep expertise in the healthcare sector and proven ability to gather and analyze complex customer data effectively.

The Result
Data-Driven Decisions Enhancing Market Position

The VoC survey provided the client with critical insights into who their customers are, why they choose specific services, and how best to serve them in the future. This valuable data is now guiding the firm’s decision-making process, supporting a targeted approach to expanding into the lucrative in-home med spa sector.

Very pleasant to work with. I would give them another try. Y’all were prompt and effective. I’d recommend BluWave to my peers.

-PE Firm Co-Founder, Partner


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