In-Depth VoC Study To Drive Future Growth in Healthcare Company

Service Area: Strategy

Client Type: Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: Market Research Company

Industry: Healthcare Services

The Need
Defining Target Market with In-Depth Insights

The private equity firm had just secured a letter of intent (LOI) for an investment in a health and wellness company specializing in in-home IV hydration services, administered across multiple states by professional nurses. Recognizing the potential for expansion into in-home med spa services, the firm sought to understand the customer base better, both actual and prospective, to inform their strategy.

The Challenge
Conducting Comprehensive Customer Analysis

Having never conducted a customer survey for due diligence purposes, the firm faced the challenge of diving into uncharted waters. They needed to build a buyer persona and understand the voice of the customer (VoC), requiring a nuanced approach to gathering and interpreting customer data, particularly how customers were sourced and served.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting Firm that Specializes in Healthcare Services

BluWave connected the firm with a market research company that boasted functional expertise in healthcare services. This company was specifically chosen for its profound understanding of customer sourcing and engagement within the healthcare industry. The collaboration was structured to kick off within 4-6 weeks, fitting perfectly into the firm’s 90-120 day window for conducting due diligence.

The Result
Targeted Feedback To Inform Future Growth

The customer survey not only illuminated the existing customer base’s characteristics and preferences but also identified potential opportunities for service expansion and enhancement. These insights became pivotal in shaping the firm’s investment strategy and operational improvements for the target company, setting a solid foundation for future growth into in-home med spa services.

Very pleasant to work with. I would give them another try. Y’all were prompt and effective. I’d recommend BluWave to my peers.

-PE Firm Cofounder, Partner


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