Procurement, Sourcing Resources for Manufacturing Industry

Procurement and sourcing are critical components of manufacturing operations, directly influencing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Fleet diligence, distribution assessment and supply chain management are among the more popular use cases BluWave sees.

We frequently field procurement and sourcing project requests from the manufacturing industry, giving us a deep understanding of the service providers that are best-suited to help private equity portfolio companies as well as private and public companies with these challenges.

Here are some of the top procurement and sourcing use cases and how they can help your business.

Fleet Diligence/Assessment

Effective fleet management is crucial for optimizing logistics and controlling costs. By regularly assessing fleet operations, manufacturers can uncover potential savings and improve transportation efficiency, which is essential for timely product delivery and overall operational agility.

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Distribution Assessment

The efficacy of a distribution network plays a pivotal role in meeting customer demands and maintaining product flow. Thorough assessment of this network allows manufacturers to identify bottlenecks, streamline processes and enhance the speed and reliability of product deliveries.

Construction Diligence

Construction diligence ensures that manufacturing facilities meet all necessary standards and contribute to efficient production lines. This aspect covers everything from initial design to ongoing maintenance, directly impacting the effectiveness and safety of manufacturing operations.

Asset Integrity Diligence

Maintaining asset integrity is vital for ensuring consistent production quality and avoiding costly downtimes. Regular checks and balances help in early identification of potential issues, enabling timely interventions and prolonging the life span of manufacturing assets.

Clinical Trial Operations Diligence

For manufacturers in the pharmaceutical sector, clinical trial operations diligence is key to ensuring product efficacy and safety. This process involves rigorous testing and compliance with stringent regulatory standards, directly impacting the success and credibility of products in the market.

Safety Diligence

Prioritizing safety in manufacturing not only fulfills regulatory requirements but also fosters a responsible workplace culture. Implementing rigorous safety protocols and regular training sessions can significantly reduce workplace accidents and enhance overall productivity.

Process Mapping

Process mapping identifies inefficiencies in manufacturing operations, offering insights for improvements. By analyzing each step of the production process, manufacturers can make informed decisions to streamline operations, reduce waste and optimize resource allocation.

Facility Planning

Strategic facility planning is integral to maximizing production efficiency. It involves optimizing the layout and design of manufacturing spaces, ensuring that every element from machinery placement to workflow is conducive to peak operational performance.

Packaging Diligence

In manufacturing, the importance of packaging extends beyond aesthetics to include functionality and protection. Ensuring the right packaging materials and designs can significantly reduce damages during transit and enhance customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Diligence

A robust supply chain is essential for maintaining manufacturing momentum. This can be improved by supply chain optimization, focusing on vendor management, inventory control and contingency planning to handle disruptions effectively.

Procurement and sourcing are essential to manufacturing businesses. By working with experts who understand their business, manufacturers can enhance their operational efficiency and reduce costs that give them a competitive edge.

“You can engage a firm that can take out costs of your business for non-core expenditures,” BluWave Co-Head of Research and Operations Scott Bellinger says. “The beauty of it is these groups work off of a gain-share model, so they have an incentive to help you save money.”

BluWave’s research and operations team is here to connect you with specialized manufacturing resources. Set up a scoping call and you’ll get a short list of PE-grade option in less than one business day.

Enhancing M&A, Financial Operations in Healthcare with Strategic Staffing

Service Area: Human Capital

Client Type: Portfolio Company

Service Provider Type: Temporary Staffing

Industry: Healthcare Services

The Need
Strategic Staffing for Financial Overhaul, M&A

A private-equity owned healthcare services provider, specializing in traumatic brain injury care, was gearing up for an eventual sale. They required highly skilled junior finance and accounting talent on a short-term or project basis to handle active M&A activities and internal projects, balancing manual data entry tasks with strategic financial operations.

The Challenge
Sourcing Versatile, Skilled Financial Talent Amid Growth

The main challenge was finding individuals with 3-5 years of experience in finance or accounting, preferably with a background in investment banking or accounting M&A. These professionals needed to be comfortable handling both strategic and manual aspects of financial projects, including M&A support, system integrations and exit preparation.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting Short List of Exact-Fit Candidates

BluWave utilized its network to connect a short list of candidates with the necessary skill set and flexibility. Emphasizing the need for familiarity with financial systems like NetSuite and Sage, and strong Excel skills, BluWave focused on professionals who could work remotely and adapt quickly to the company’s dynamic needs.

The Result
Streamlined M&A Processes, Efficient Financial System Management

The portfolio company selected the best fits from BluWave’s shortlist. They helped the company manage its M&A activities and internal financial projects. This temporary staff played a key role in preparing the company for a strategic sale, ensuring that financial systems were optimized and operational challenges were efficiently addressed.

Making Life Easy for Human Capital Leaders

BluWave understands the urgency and sensitivity around the work human capital executives perform. That’s why we provide a curated suite of resources specifically designed for HR leaders to drive unprecedented value in their organizations.

CASE STUDY: Diversifying Talent in a Digital-First Consumer Products Startup

Our Business Builders’ Network not only understands your unique challenges but also provides tailored, bespoke solutions for talent leadership.

CASE STUDY: Controller with Leadership Skills for Resilient Growth

From specialized recruitment that targets niche roles to interim leadership that ensures your business doesn’t miss a beat during transitions; from mid-level staffing strategies that fortify your organizational structure to outsourced HR services that let you focus on core business functions — BluWave already knows the third-party service provider or consultant you need.

You can learn more about these services in this one-pager we prepared for talent leaders.

Set up a scoping call with our resources and operations team, and they’ll connect you with a select list of exact-fit resources within a single business day.

Strategic Executive Search for SaaS Sales Leadership

Service Area: Human Capital – Recruiting

Client Type: Upper-Middle Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Executive Search Firm – Sales

Industry: Technology – SaaS

The Need
Dynamic Sales Leadership for Market Expansion

A SaaS company, focused on local and municipal government solutions, needed a chief revenue officer to enhance its sales function and spearhead geographical and product expansion.

The Challenge
Niche Leader in a Specialized Sector

The challenge was to find a CRO with proven experience in SaaS sales to local and municipal governments. This person also needed to be capable of transforming a small, technology-centric team into a robust sales force. For this, they would need a specialized recruiting firm.

How BluWave Helped
Expert Matching for Specialized Executive Recruitment

BluWave utilized its extensive network to connect the client with an executive search firm specializing in sales leadership recruitment within the government sector. This group had a deep understanding of the specific skills and experience required for the role and provided a strong short list of candidates.

The Result
Placement of Tailored Sales Leaders

The firm worked with the company to hire a chief revenue officer who matched the company’s specific needs. This strategic appointment set the foundation for significant sales growth and expansion in the government sector.

Interim CFO To Revolutionize Financial Forecasting for Construction Portco

Service Area: Human Capital

Client Type: Construction Services Portfolio Company

Service Provider Type: Interim CFO

Industry: Construction and Engineering

The Need
Advanced Financial Forecasting for Strategic Growth

A leading construction services portfolio company needed a sophisticated 13-week cash-flow model. This would help them implement an effective borrowing needs forecast, which was especially critical due to their transition to a non-bank lender and the ongoing integration of multiple add-ons.

The Challenge
Complex Integrations in Dynamic Environment

The challenge lay in integrating diverse business units, each requiring distinct operational and financial strategies. Establishing an efficient system for forecasting collections and payments, integrating add-on companies and maintaining centralized accounting was crucial, given the extensive pipeline of add-ons to be managed promptly.

How BluWave Helped
Expertise and Precision in Financial Management Solutions

BluWave identified a short list of industry specific interim finance leaders with specific expertise in the construction industry’s complex financial structures. The candidate the portco selected had experience creating 13-week financial models and was exactly what the client needed. BluWave’s fast connection led to the implementation of bespoke forecasting and budgeting methodologies, essential for the client’s aggressive growth and integration plans.

The Result
Achieving Financial Streamlining and Effective Growth Management

The interim CFO’s introduction facilitated a smooth transition to an effective 13-week cash flow model, custom-designed for the client’s business framework. This strategic move significantly improved the company’s ability to manage borrowing needs and effectively handle their considerable add-on pipeline, leading to more streamlined financial operations and paving the way for successful growth and integrations.

Jay Hernandez of Raymond James: M&A Process Best Practices

Jay Hernandez recently joined the Karma School of Business podcast, sharing his insights into the dynamic world of private equity.

In his discussion with host Sean Mooney, Hernandez, an investment banker focused on industrial technology, talked best practices in mergers and acquisitions.

He emphasized the importance or preparation, understanding buyer psyche and building trust and reputation.

Here are some insights from their conversation.

3 Takeaways from Jay

1. M&A Preparation

Hernandez emphasized the importance of thorough preparation before entering the market. This involves not just understanding one’s own business but also being ready for the intense scrutiny that comes with merger and acquisition processes.

“It’s never too early to prepare for that event,” Hernandez said. “You always have to be prepared.”

Mooney agreed: “The more you do that, the more luck you tend to have in business and life, but also M&A processes.”

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Hernandez also stressed the importance of talking to key players early in the process.

“Engage your advisors, engage your experts well in advance. And it could be even a year or two in advance,” Hernandez said.

Mooney said that doing so can ensure that all aspects of the business are aligned and ready for the sale process.

“You should probably be talking with an investment banker right now so that when that light is green, you’re getting an early start,” he said.

2. Understanding Buyer Psyche

Hernandez also pointed out the increased depth and detail in buyers’ inquiries within M&As.

“The psyche of the participants has changed, and particularly on the buyers, and where that’s changed a lot is the areas that they’re digging into and the depth of which they’re digging into,” he said.

Mooney underscored the need for sellers to understand and anticipate the buyer’s perspective. He highlighted the diligence PE firms conduct in preparing for M&A processes.

“Private equity firms are spending more time making sure things are absolutely buttoned up so that they’re prepared to move as quickly as possible through an M&A process,” he said.

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3. Building Trust and Reputation

Finally, Hernandez emphasized the necessity for buyers to maintain integrity and straightforwardness during the M&A process.

“You need to make sure that you’re doing it right for the company that you’re looking at, because at the same time, you’re going to be their partner going forward,” he said.

Mooney cautioned about the fragility of reputation.

“It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and literally 30 seconds to ruin it,” he said.

Hernandez added that “99.999 percent of the groups that we deal with and the buyers that we deal with are straight shooters and do exactly what they’re going to say.”

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Hernandez’s entire conversation with Mooney offers unique insight into the world of mergers and acquisitions from an investment banking perspective. (Stay tuned until the end for a time- and stress-saving life hack about cooking the perfect steak.)

When you’re done listening, head to the main BluWave podcast page for more conversations with business leaders.