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How Pandemic-Era Managers Can Level Up By Using Collaboration Tools

October 21, 2020

By: Katie Marchetti


Effective managers are capable of articulating their company’s values and a clear set of concrete goals, while also maintaining a commitment to diversity and open communication. These principles will help companies move from a rigidly hierarchical dynamic in which workers feel disconnected from their jobs to one in which they feel like stakeholders and partners whose opinions are valued.  

As someone working in the area of third-party resources, it’s evident that managers of today are connecting the dots between the agile workforce, remote workers, and full-time employees. This is no simple task, but with a few basic shifts in thinking it’s entirely possible and produces desirable results. 

As we enter a new era of remote work, managers will be under increasing pressure to improve communication and collaboration among diverse teams (no matter where they are in the world) and provide employees with a common goal to rally around. 

Here are my top four suggestions for building and maintaining high performing teams that will remain loyal long after the dust settles: 

#1 – Motivate Your Employees by Sharing Your Values and Goals 

#2 – Recognize That Diversity Is an Engine of Innovation 

#3 – Keep the Lines of Communication Open 

#4 – Build Greater Participation 


For more insights, and details on the “how”, please check out my full article, published in Toolbox HR. And as always, if you have questions or need anything from BluWave please reach out!