How we did it: Critical need for interim controller to successfully support portco in sale process

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Ready to sell one of their portfolio companies, a PE fund came to us urgently needing an interim controller that could help support their portco throughout the sale process. Knowing that there would be an influx of requests during the sale process, they were looking for an independent prep-for-sale resource that could help manage these requests as well as the book closing. We scoped their specific need to learn that their specific criteria were that the individual had gone through a PE sales process before, had healthcare technology industry experience, and was available for the next 3 to 6 months until the sale was closed.

Leveraging our technology, data, and human ingenuity to quickly sift through our deep pools of independent interim controllers that uniquely meet the private equity standard, we connected the client with an exact-fit, pre-vetted interim controller from our invitation-only Intelligent Network within 48 hours. The PE fund engaged with the consultant and was able to confidently begin the sale prep process while also providing the portco with the support they needed to prepare all the items needed for a successful sale.

Read the full case study.

If we can provide you with a PE-grade, pre-vetted, exact-fit prep-for sale resource, or any other third-party provider, please contact us. Interested in learning about more interim financial resources we provide? Check out our interim CFO hub.


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