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How we did it: Critical VoC Provider

September 2, 2021

By: Kyle Johnson

An investment principal at a PE fund came to us with a critical need for Voice of Customer research on a target they had an LOI on in the staffing and recruiting industry. Expecting to get full exclusivity on the target in the next two weeks, they were urgently seeking someone who would quickly be able to perform primary and secondary research on the staffing industry in order to gauge its scope, size, and key players. They were specifically looking for a firm that could go to staffing firms and potential new clients to gather the research, and then synthesize it into usable insights. We quickly worked to understand the key criteria of their need and then leveraged our data and human ingenuity to match them with two select pre-vetted VoC providers. The client selected their ideal choice and were able to gain the customer insights they needed without wasting time or cost.

Read the full case study.

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