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How we did it: Immediate CDD advisor with software experience to assess potential target for PE VP

July 27, 2021

By: Kyle Johnson

A PE fund vice president came to us with a critical need for a commercial due diligence provider that could complete a proactive market study for an asset that they expected to come to market in the next month. With their go-to providers at capacity, no access to the company’s information, and a desire to understand the major players in the IT management software market before the target went to market, the fund was in critical need of an available provider that could perform a full market study in the next week. We promptly worked to understand the client’s exact market study needs and were then able to introduce them to two exact-fit commercial due diligence providers within 24 hours. The client selected their ideal choice that had specific experience in proactively assessing industry attractiveness and was able to quickly gain the market knowledge they needed to confidently assess whether or not the potential target was something they wanted to continue pursuing.

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