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How will people’s behavior change post-pandemic?

January 19, 2021

By: Sean Mooney

If someone asked who do you depend on to drive your business, how would you answer? The sales team? Marketers? R&D? Customer service? Contractors?  

In a mid-Covid world—as businesses continue to adjust to changing work environments, behaviors, and expectations—it is more critical than ever to pause and assess key drivers for future success. In other words: what actually matters. 

According to a recent article from Harvard Business Review, planning for a post-pandemic world means answering these questions honestly: 

  1. How does your business really make money?
  2. Who do you depend on to drive your business?
  3. What will people’s behavior look like after the pandemic?  

This third question is the most difficult to answer, but, with a thoughtful evaluation methodology, the authors outline how businesses can identify behavior types and subsequently predict (to a degree) behavior changes. Furthermore, they conclude: 

By wargaming different scenarios and adding in the known behaviors, you can develop a playbook to adapt regardless of what comes to pass.” 

We don’t know what 2021 holds, but it’s nice to be reminded that human behavior is dynamic and malleable. Ultimately, companies who are willing to tune-in to what motivates and compels customers will win. 

For more insights, check out HBR’s “Creating a Post-Covid Business Plan.”