Senior Advisor To Optimize Software Composition Analysis Strategy

Service Area: Human Capital

Client Type: Upper-Middle Market PE Firm

Service Provider Type: Senior Advisor

Industry: Technology – Software

The Need
Expert Guidance in Software Composition Analysis

An upper-middle market PE firm required expert insights into the Software Composition Analysis (SCA) sector, focusing on Application Security Testing (AST). They sought a senior advisor to analyze the market, competitors and product suite, guiding potential strategic acquisitions.

The Challenge
Deep Market Analysis within a Tight Timeframe

The PE firm needed a comprehensive market study of the application security space, specifically SCA. The challenge was to gain a detailed understanding of market segments, key players and competitors, with actionable insights on the target company’s position and growth opportunities.

How BluWave Helped
Connecting a Seasoned Expert in Application Security

BluWave responded by engaging a senior advisor with extensive experience in the AST space, including SCA. The advisor, having previously served as a VP of security strategy, possessed both technical acumen and strategic insights into the industry’s dynamics and key players.

The Result
Informed Decision-Making for Potential Acquisitions

The senior advisor delivered a comprehensive report within a 7-10 day sprint, providing a detailed analysis of the application security market. This report included breakdowns of the TAM, competitor analysis and strategic acquisition opportunities, equipping the PE firm with essential information to make informed investment decisions.

He reads everything you send to him; he’s very informed about the space – he was able to discuss things at a technical level and at an overall strategy level. He could tie the big picture to the technical details. He also had a great view on technical players. Best we have worked with so far in terms of senior advisors for diligence.

-Partner at PE Firm