Operational Due Diligence: Essential Checklist for Manufacturing Industry

Operations diligence is a critical component of the acquisition process for private equity firms. Especially in the manufacturing sector.

BluWave works with PE firms regularly to connect them with industry-specific resources to analyze their portfolio company targets.

The following operations diligence checklist for the manufacturing industry is based on the myriad conversations we have had requesting this service. It’s designed to get you thinking about the crucial steps in your operations diligence process, giving you confidence in your investment.

Understanding the Manufacturing Process

Grasping every detail of the target company’s manufacturing process is essential. In evaluating a CNC shop, for instance, it’s crucial to analyze both the current state and potential future needs of manufacturing technologies and methodologies.

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Evaluating Supply Chain Efficiency and Risks

Analyzing the supply chain’s efficiency and identifying potential risks are imperative. Consider the example of an air distribution and ventilation solutions manufacturer, where a detailed assessment of the supply chain could reveal opportunities for optimization and risk reduction.

Assessing Management, Governance

The leadership and governance structures of a target company can greatly influence its success. In sectors like aerospace and defense manufacturing, where precision and compliance are paramount, this evaluation becomes even more critical.

Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management

Ensuring adherence to industry regulations and effective risk management strategies is essential. In industries like engineered filtration solutions manufacturing, where compliance is complex, this step is critical to avoiding future legal and operational challenges.

Capex, Maintenance, Asset Integrity

Investigating a company’s capital expenditure and maintenance practices reveals much about its potential for sustainable growth. For a beer contract manufacturer planning an acquisition, this could mean a thorough analysis of their investment in equipment and facilities.

Customer-Supplier Relationship Analysis

The strength of a company’s relationships with its customers and suppliers often reflects its market position. In the industrial services and hydroexcavation business, for instance, the nature of these relationships can be indicative of both current performance and future potential.

Environmental, Sustainability Practices

A company’s approach to environmental impact and sustainability is not just a regulatory concern but also a reflection of its long-term strategic thinking. In the beverage manufacturing sector, evaluating sustainability practices, such as waste management and energy usage, provides insights into the company’s commitment to future-proof operations.

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Operational Improvement Opportunities

Identifying areas for improvement in operational efficiency can significantly enhance the value of an investment. Examining a company like an air distribution and ventilation solutions provider offers a chance to pinpoint areas where operational enhancements could drive growth and profitability.

Integration and Post-Acquisition Strategy

Successful post-acquisition integration is crucial for realizing the full potential of an investment. For a company involved in T&D power equipment manufacturing, understanding how to integrate multiple companies smoothly is key to preserving value.

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Site Visits, On-Site Evaluations

Conducting physical site visits provides invaluable insights into the operational realities of a manufacturing facility. An on-site evaluation, especially in a foreign manufacturing setup, is essential for a comprehensive understanding of operational practices and potential improvement areas.

Special Considerations for International Operations

Navigating the complexities of international manufacturing operations requires a keen understanding of local contexts and challenges. For instance, managing a facility move in a foreign country, particularly in sensitive industries like pharmaceuticals, demands specialized knowledge and meticulous planning.

BluWave’s relationships with operations diligence firms is a vital asset for private equity firms embarking on manufacturing acquisitions. Our deep understanding of the manufacturing sector, combined with a network of seasoned professionals, positions us to provide unparalleled support and insights. With BluWave, you can confidently navigate the complexities of operations diligence, uncovering the true potential of your investment.

Whether you’re in the early stages of considering an acquisition or deep into the diligence process, BluWave is your go-to partner. Reach out to our research and operations team for expert guidance and support, ensuring your operations diligence is comprehensive, insightful and a solid foundation for your investment’s success.


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