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Business would be easy if it weren’t for the people! Without enough of the right people and their insights, it’s impossible to keep moving, growing, and developing. That’s where we come in. In many situations it’s better to rent than own. BluWave connects investors, private equity-backed companies, and proactively-managed independent businesses with the interim executives, independent management consultants, executive advisors, and the subject matter experts you need to break growth barriers and accelerate value creation.

It’s difficult and prohibitively expensive for your firm and your portfolio companies to internally build and support world-class capabilities across the entire organization.

Interim Executives

BluWave hand-selects private equity ready interim CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, and CHROs who have the scarce knowledge and expertise that’s needed to thrive in interim positions. They are prepared to take on part-time, project-based, or fractional roles according to our and your standards. In this market, you can’t afford to wait for a full-time hire. Nor should you. Use a top interim professional to keep moving the ball forward while you’re identifying your long-term candidates and/or rent high end talent to accomplish specific objectives where full time hires don’t make sense.

Independent Consultants

Many of our clients want the skills of a brand name consultancy without having to pay for the brand. BluWave’s has a proprietary network of professionals with experience from top advisors, but purposefully choose to operate in an independent capacity. Use them for a discrete project or a multi-month dedicated sprint. Unlike a boutique advisory firm, this group can be a bit more fluid as they come in and out of projects. However, they can be an excellent way of getting brand name results at discount pricing.

Lean on BluWave to find a perfect fit consultant to improve efficiency, identify and provide solutions for bottlenecks, execute on 100-day plans, discover creative ways to handle accounts for increased financial stability and flexibility, and get advice on industry-specific matters for which experience has no substitute.

Executive Advisors

When looking at a new investment opportunity, its incredibly helpful to augment your insights with executives who have already been there and done that. Bring in a recently successfully retired executive to help assess the investment and then seamlessly serve as a member of your board of directors afterwards.

BluWave makes it easy to de-risk your opportunities and strategically mentor your new leadership teams by bringing in an executive river guide from its proprietary network.

Industry Advisors

It’s hard to understand the nuances of an industry when assessing a new business opportunity.   Search engines and research reports only take you only so far. Why not work with someone who already knows your niche areas of interest thanks to years of focus and/or on the ground experience? BluWave can help make the world a smaller and more efficient place.

BluWave takes the time to understand your need and the requirements that will lead to success before connecting you with its unique landscape of advisors. Get the answers you need from hand-selected advisors.


People are not one size fit all and neither are recruiters. Don’t just turn to the large recruiting firms.  It’s better to use a focused group that has industry and/or functional role specialization, will be excited to have your business, and can meet the unique standards and rigors of private equity.  Use BluWave to connect you with the best-in-class recruiting firm to get you the right talent for your specific need.

Don’t Waste Another Minute

Time is ticking by and value is diminishing every second you hesitate to bring the right people in to help your team. Our private equity-tested consultants, advisors, and service providers are vetted according to your requirements across industry expertise, functional area, and budget to make sure you’re getting the right answers the first time and without straining your scarce resources.

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