Finding Interim Chief Information and Technology Officers

Private equity funds, private equity-backed companies, and independently managed companies all need talented executives for success. If your company is undergoing rapid change, you may be in need of new executive team members, but finding the right leaders isn’t easy.
BluWave helps you win.

It can take months to find a new full-time CIO or CTO. You can’t afford to wait. Bring in an interim or fractional chief information officer or chief technology officer to keep the ball moving. We make the CIO and CTO search process less challenging by connecting you with exceptional interim leaders for your company, and we do it fast. By connecting companies with the private equity-grade interim or fractional CIOs and CTOs in our network, we ensure you keep momentum with innovative technical leadership.

Why You Need an Interim CIO and CTO

Interim chief information officers and chief technology officers are your go-to leaders during times of change, stewarding new and existing technical infrastructure while waiting on long-term information and technology officers to take their place. Interim CIO and CTO services sourced through BluWave’s proprietary network facilitate your organization’s continued growth by:

  • Providing needed direction for current IT staff
  • Stabilizing the IT function after a leadership void unexpectedly takes place
  • Keeping critical initiatives moving when you can’t afford to stall
  • Jump starting a new technology initiative that is outside of your current team’s skillset

Let BluWave Help

Our mission is simple: to help you win by connecting you with the right resources at the right time. Contact BluWave today to find an excellent interim or fractional CIO or CTO with the help of BluWave and its proprietary equity-grade network of best-in-class resources.

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