Karma School

Episode 064

Private Equity Spotlight: Synergy in Action – Ami Mehta & Joe McIlhattan at Periscope Equity

In this compelling episode of the "Karma School of Business Podcast," host Sean Mooney engages with Joe McIlhattan and Ami Mehta, integral members of Periscope Equity, a firm celebrated for its innovative approach within the private equity landscape. This conversation dives into the harmonious collaboration between the deal and operations sides of private equity, showcasing how Periscope Equity exemplifies the power of teamwork in driving transformative success.

Episode Highlights:

2:17 - Joe McIlhattan's Journey to Private Equity: Joe shares his transition from consulting to private equity, highlighting the pivotal role mentorship and hands-on experience played in shaping his career.
3:01 - Ami Mehta's Path to Operational Excellence: Ami recounts her evolution from auditing to embracing the operational side of private equity, emphasizing the importance of exposure and passion in finding one's niche within the industry.
5:49 - The Evolution from Investor to Value Creation: Ami discusses her shift from deal-making to focusing on the growth phase of investments, underscoring the critical role of operations in private equity success.
9:08 - Identifying Potential in Companies: Joe and Ami outline the traits they look for in potential investments, including strong value propositions, durable customer relationships, and the capacity for technological transformation.
23:29 - Managing the Symphony of PE Operations: Explore how Periscope Equity orchestrates the complex interplay between deal and ops teams to ensure seamless execution and maximized value creation across their portfolio.
33:51 - Fusing SaaS and Service: Joe and Ami discuss the nuanced approach to investing in tech-enabled service companies, balancing the human element with technological innovation to foster growth and differentiation.
41:04 - Cultivating Culture for Success: Insights into how Periscope Equity prioritizes culture both within its firm and portfolio companies, leveraging shared values to drive collective achievement.
48:52 - Wisdom for Aspiring PE Professionals: Joe and Ami share personal advice for those looking to make their mark in private equity, emphasizing the importance of patience, skill acquisition, and maintaining a growth mindset.

For more information on Periscope Equity, go to https://periscopeequity.com/
For more information on Ami Mehta, go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/ami-mehta/
For more information on Joe McIlhattan, go to https://www.linkedin.com/in/joe-mcilhattan-737b5820/
For more information on BluWave and this podcast, go to https://www.bluwave.net/podcasts/

This episode not only provides a behind-the-scenes look at the strategic operations of Periscope Equity but also offers valuable lessons on leadership, innovation, and the transformative impact of operational focus in the private equity industry. Whether you're an investor, entrepreneur, or someone passionate about business growth and efficiency, Joe and Ami's story and insights are sure to inspire and inform.

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