Karma School

Episode 035

Andrew Greenberg, GVC | Evolution of the M&A Market: A Journey from Information Asymmetry to AI-Enhanced Efficiency

In this engaging episode, Sean and Andy Greenberg explore their career paths and the transformation of the M&A market. From Andy's shift from politics to investment banking, to the evolution of M&A from a manual process to a tech-driven one, they highlight the increasing need for specialization. Looking ahead, they predict a future where AI significantly enhances industry efficiency.

1:31 - Andy's origin story and his path to M&A
7:10 - What did M&A look like in the mid-90s
12:58 - How has the M&A business evolved to what it looks like today
22:14 - The era of industry expertise
29:44 - Where is the M&A market going
36:18 - Andy's advice to his younger self

To learn more about Andy and Greenberg Variations Capital, go to www.greenbergvariations.com
To listen to Middle Market Musings, go to www.middlemarketmusings.com

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