Karma School

Episode 054

Private Equity Spotlight: The Art of Value Creation and Global Expansion with Livingbridge’s Curt Kahn

In this engaging episode of the Karma School of Business Podcast, host Sean Mooney, founder and CEO of BluWave, sits down with Curt Kahn, Investor and Head of US Operations at Livingbridge. Curt shares his unconventional journey into the private equity world, starting from consulting roles at Booz Allen and PricewaterhouseCoopers to an operational leadership position at Ability Network, and finally, to pioneering Livingbridge's expansion into the US market.

Episode Highlights:

01:15 - Curt's Non-Traditional Route to Private Equity - Curt discusses his initial career in consulting and M&A advisory, leading to his operational experience at Ability Network and his transition to Livingbridge.
03:29 - Adapting to Private Equity from an Operating Role - Insights into Curt's adjustment to private equity and how his diverse background influences his approach to investments.
05:54 - Curt's Personal Passion: Paddle Tennis - Curt reveals his interest in paddle tennis, showcasing a side of him outside the professional realm.
08:19 - Key Traits for Successful Investments - Curt outlines the crucial factors he looks for in companies, emphasizing the importance of team, customer satisfaction, and scalability.
13:40 - Livingbridge's Approach to Value Creation - An exploration of how Livingbridge supports portfolio companies through its unique value strategy group and functional expertise.
17:49 - Navigating the 'Washing Machine Economy' - Curt discusses thematic value creation opportunities amid fluctuating economic conditions and the importance of data science in driving business outcomes.
21:54 - Advice to Curt's Younger Self - Curt reflects on the value of embracing uncomfortable situations early in one's career to pave the way for success.

For more information on Livingbridge, go to www.livingbridge.com.
For more information on Curt, go to www.linkedin.com/in/curt-kahn-611a3b9.
For more information on BluWave and this podcast, go to www.bluwave.net/podcasts.

This episode delves into the multifaceted career of Curt Kahn and his strategic contributions to Livingbridge, a middle-market private equity fund with a global footprint. Curt's journey highlights the importance of adaptability, the power of leveraging diverse experiences, and the critical role of team dynamics in driving investment success. With a focus on backing ambitious entrepreneurs and ensuring customer satisfaction, Curt shares insights into Livingbridge's approach to value creation, emphasizing the significance of scalability and data science in enhancing portfolio companies' growth.

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