Karma School

Episode 041

Dave Feierstein, Ronin Equity Partners | Transforming Business with a Hybrid Investor-Operator Approach

In this riveting episode of the Karma School of Business podcast, we delve into the private equity world with Dave Feierstein, Co-founder and Managing Partner at Ronin Equity Partners. Join our host, Sean Mooney, BluWave's Founder and CEO, as he engages Dave in a conversation that traverses his entrepreneurial beginnings to his current innovative strategies at Ronin Equity Partners. This episode offers a wealth of insights for private equity professionals and business owners, shedding light on the significance of developing efficient back-office structures, the pivotal role of change management in large corporations, and how Ronin Equity Partners is reshaping the traditional private equity paradigm. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's thought leaders.

1:30 - Dave's background and path to private equity
9:53 - Adding value with Zero-based Budgeting
16:15 - Deploying the business transformation playbook
25:16 - A unique approach to value creation
37:02 - An everyday life hack

For more information about Dave and Ronin Equity Partners, go to roninequitypartners.com.
For more information about BluWave and this podcast, go to bluwave.net/podcast.

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