Karma School

Episode 045

Emily Holdman, Permanent Equity | The Art of Lasting Partnerships in Private Equity

The private equity industry won't want to miss this insightful episode of the Karma School of Business Podcast, as host Sean Mooney welcomes Emily Holdman, Managing Director at Permanent Equity. Emily shares her unconventional route into the private equity world, highlighting the importance of diverse on-ramps into the industry. With a background in journalism and economics, Emily's story is a testament to the evolving landscape of private equity, where varied experiences and perspectives are shaping the future of the field.

Emily and Sean delve into the philosophy behind Permanent Equity, a firm that prides itself on long-term investments and partnering with successful companies that can thrive independently. They discuss the significance of team dynamics, operational excellence, and the strategic stewardship that nurtures systemic health and compounding growth in portfolio companies.

Listeners will gain an understanding of how Permanent Equity's approach to value creation is actively reshaping the private equity narrative, prioritizing long-term sustainability over short-term sprints. The conversation also touches on the importance of agility and seizing opportunities, even amid challenging economic climates.

Emily's personal anecdotes reveal her as a voracious reader and a proponent of community building within the private equity space. She extends an invitation to listeners to connect and engage with her and the Permanent Equity team, emphasizing the power of less formal, more relational interactions in the industry.

Join us for a compelling discussion that not only provides a glimpse into Emily Holdman's unique journey to private equity but also offers valuable insights into the strategic and relational shifts occurring within the industry.

2:01 - Diverse paths into private equity
6:38 - The long-term approach to private equity
11:40 - Identifying successful companies
17:13 - Investing in and growing leadership teams
23:50 - Active investment and operational partnership
30:57 - Leveraging flexibility and opportunity during change
37:08 - Emily's book recommendation

For more information about Emily and Permanent Equity, go to www.permanentequity.com.
For more information about BluWave and this podcast, go to www.bluwave.net/podcast.

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