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Karma School

Episode 013 | Being Strategic with Collaboration and Structure | Clairvest

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About Episode
Episode Transcript
Doug Horn and Mohit Kansal from Clairvest, a private equity firm based out of Toronto, join the Karma School of Business podcast to discuss:

0:42 Clairvest's history and focus

3:27 How Clairvest works to collaborate with entrepreneurs

5:43 Valuable traits that Clairvest considers before making investments

8:17 Mohit's approach to high-stress times

11:52 Advice to business owners on how to tackle economic uncertainty

16:55 Doug's predictions for the PE industry in the near future

22:40 Clairvest's book/movie recommendations

27:43 Advice Mohit would give to his 22 year old self

29:26 Doug's life hack

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