Karma School

Episode 040

Eric Jensen, Nordic Capital | Achieving Operational Excellence: A Look into M&A and Talent Strategy in Private Equity

In this episode, BluWave Founder and CEO, Sean Mooney, catches up with Eric Jensen, Operations Director at Nordic Capital. They explore the current dynamics of the M&A market, the significance of preparing businesses for the M&A process, and the growing importance of aligning the right roles with the right people. Also, Sean and Eric delve into the impact of technology in the corporate world, focusing on Eric's unique journey from consulting to operating and then transitioning into private equity. The pair discuss operational excellence, value creation, and how Essential Skills and strategies are combined with a strong leadership team to drive performance. Dive into this thoughtful conversation for intriguing insights into the ever-evolving private equity industry.

1:05 - Eric's path to private equity
6:54 - Introducing Thor
10:09 - Traits that display operational excellence
15:41 - The importance of expertise in value creation
20:38 - Managing stakeholder communication
27:13 - The difference in private equity investing in the US versus Europe
31:30 - Eric's advice to his younger self

For more information on Nordic Capital, go to www.nordiccapital.com.
For more information on BluWave and this podcast, go to www.bluwave.net/podcast.

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