Karma School

Episode 053

Private Equity Spotlight: Crafting the Independent Sponsor Model with Grant Kornman of Align Collaborate

In this insightful episode of the Karma School of Business Podcast, host Sean Mooney, founder and CEO of BluWave, engages in a fascinating dialogue with Grant Korman, Partner at Align Collaborate. As innovators within the private equity sector, both Sean and Grant share their unique journeys of creating segments that previously didn't exist, offering a deep dive into the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurial spirit within the industry.

Episode Highlights:

1:36 - Grant's Early Influence and Entry into Private Equity - Grant recounts his initial exposure to private equity at Georgetown and his subsequent direct leap into the industry with Sterling Partners.
4:25 - Learning by Doing: Grant's Early Career Challenges - Reflecting on the steep learning curve of starting in private equity directly from college and the invaluable lessons learned from hands-on experience.
7:36 - The Accidental Independent Sponsor - Grant shares the serendipitous journey of becoming an independent sponsor and co-founding NCK Capital, highlighting the challenges and rewards of raising capital deal by deal.
14:07 - Creating Align Collaborate - The genesis of Align Collaborate is discussed, detailing the motivation to offer a structured equity solution for independent sponsors and the strategic approach to filling this market gap.
19:03 - The Interplay Between Align Collaborate, Independent Sponsors, and Portfolio Companies - An insight into how Align Collaborate collaborates with independent sponsors and portfolio companies to foster growth and operational excellence.
27:02 - Grant's Advice to His Younger Self - Grant reflects on the unpredictability of business and the importance of embracing opportunities, serendipity, and the value of hard work in creating one's own luck.

For more information on Align Collaborate, go to www.aligncollaborate.com
For more information on Grant, go to www.linkedin.com/in/grant-kornman-120305
For more information on BluWave and this podcast, go to www.bluwave.net/podcasts

Join us for a riveting discussion that traverses Grant Korman's remarkable journey from a young, ambitious entrepreneur to a key player in shaping the private equity industry. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intricacies of finance, the transformative impact of private equity, and the stories of industry veterans who've played a crucial role in shaping today's investment landscape.

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