Karma School

Episode 053

Private Equity Spotlight: Crafting the Independent Sponsor Model with Grant Kornman of Align Collaborate

In the "Karma School of Business Podcast," Sean Mooney, founder and CEO of BluWave, has an engaging conversation with Grant Korman, Partner at Align Collaborate. They delve into their entrepreneurial journeys within the private equity sector, discussing the inception of new market segments and the entrepreneurial challenges and successes they've encountered.

Episode Highlights: 1:36 - Grant's introduction to private equity during his time at Georgetown and his early career with Sterling Partners. 4:25 - The challenges and lessons of starting in private equity straight from college. 7:36 - Grant's unexpected path to becoming an independent sponsor and co-founding NCK Capital. 14:07 - The creation of Align Collaborate to provide structured equity solutions for independent sponsors. 19:03 - How Align Collaborate works with independent sponsors and portfolio companies to drive growth. 27:02 - Grant's reflections on the unpredictability of business and the importance of seizing opportunities.

For more information on Align Collaborate, visit www.aligncollaborate.com. For more information on Grant Korman, visit www.linkedin.com/in/grant-kornman-120305. For more information on BluWave and this podcast, visit www.bluwave.net/podcasts.

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