Karma School

Episode 061

Private Equity Spotlight: From Lending to Leading with Gretchen Perkins

In this episode of the "Karma School of Business Podcast," host Sean Mooney sits down with Gretchen Perkins, Partner and Head of Business Development at Avance Investment Management, for an illuminating discussion on her unique journey into the private equity world. Gretchen shares insights from her transition from commercial lending to a pivotal role in shaping the business development landscape within private equity. This conversation delves into the evolution of the private equity industry, highlighting how specialized roles like business development have become crucial in driving firms' success.

Episode Highlights:

0:54 - Gretchen's Entry into Private Equity: Gretchen recounts her path from commercial lending to becoming a trailblazer in private equity business development, emphasizing the serendipity and strategic networking that propelled her career forward.
6:02 - Learning from the Best: Discover how Gretchen honed her business development skills by shadowing industry pioneers, underscoring the importance of mentorship and community within private equity.
9:12 - Personal Influences: Gretchen reflects on how her upbringing as a minister's daughter and her mother's community involvement instilled in her the values of leadership and networking that have defined her professional ethos.
14:21 - Identifying Investment Opportunities: Gretchen discusses Avance Investment Management's thematic approach to investing, focusing on sectors with strong growth potential and management teams that exhibit coachability and vision.
24:17 - Value Creation and Team Dynamics: Explore Avance's strategic use of specialized functions, including research and human capital, to enhance portfolio companies' growth and operational efficiency from the outset.
27:21 - Navigating Market Trends: Gretchen shares her perspective on seizing value creation opportunities across various sectors by leveraging Avance's thematic investment strategy and operational expertise.
31:45 - Life Hacks for Balance and Efficiency: Gretchen offers personal insights into the benefits of meditation for managing stress and enhancing focus, as well as a practical tip for optimizing travel planning through Google Flights.

For more information on Avance Investment Management, go to www.avanceinv.com
For more information on Gretchen Perkins, go to www.linkedin.com/in/gretchenbperkins
For more information on BluWave and this podcast, go to www.bluwave.net/podcasts

This episode provides a comprehensive look at Gretchen Perkins' journey and contributions to the private equity industry, offering valuable lessons on business development, strategic investment, and personal growth. Whether you're a seasoned investor, an aspiring private equity professional, or simply interested in the mechanics of successful business strategies, Gretchen's story and insights offer inspiration and actionable advice.

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