Karma School

Episode 017

Hernan Saenz, Bain & Company | A Glance into the Future of the Planet, the Power of Circular Transformation and the Role Private Equity Can Play

The Karma School of Business is joined by Bain and Company Global Head of Performance and Improvement, Harnan Saenz to take a deep dive on the future of the economy as it relates to sustainability, viewed through the lens of private equity. The conversation topics include:

2:30 "Remanufacturing" and forces applying pressure to traditional operations
5:21 What is the circular economy?
13:13 The current policies set up by the government related to the circular economy
16:03 Barriers to a circular economy
25:21 How can tech be leveraged to support the circular economy?
27:13 Measuring progress toward circularity
29:25 The role of private equity in promoting circularity
30:28 Incorporating circular principles into investment strategies
33:01 Investment opportunities and most promising sectors
35:46 Challenges a PE firm might face when investing in a circular economy
37:13 How can firms work with portcos to improve sustainability?
39:39 How PE can collaborate with governments and other stakeholders to promote the circular economy

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