Karma School

Episode 038

Interim Ingenuity: Ready-made Executives to Elevate Your Company

In this special episode, we have exclusive audio from our recent webinar: Interim Ingenuity: Ready-made Executives to Elevate Your Company. The panel of experts from this webinar includes:

Mark Steenhoek, Managing Director, The Stephens Group
Bryan West, Managing Director, Resurgens Technology Partners

The panel, moderated by BluWave's Richmond Donnelly, includes the following topics:

3:28 - Proprietary data highlighting human capital as a main priority
4:42 - How the experts are working with interim executives
9:20 - Value that interim executives add and the most common interims that are hired
16:49 - The interim executive selection process and criteria to follow
22:10 - How do you ensure a successful engagement

To learn more about Mark and The Stephens Group, go to www.stephensgroup.com.
To learn more about Bryan and Resurgens Technology Partners, go to wwww.resurgenstech.com
To learn more about BluWave and this podcast, go to www.bluwave.net/podcast

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