Karma School

Episode 039

Jay Hernandez, Raymond James | M&A Market Dynamics: Essential Preparations for Buyers and Sellers

In this episode of the Karma School of Business podcast, Sean Mooney interviews Jay Hernandez, head of the industrial technology practice at Raymond James. They discuss the current state of the M&A markets and offer insights for both sellers and buyers. Hernandez emphasizes the importance of preparation for sellers, advising them to engage advisors early and thoroughly prepare their businesses for the M&A process. He also urges buyers to come prepared and do their homework before pursuing a deal. Additionally, Mooney and Hernandez share their latest life hacks, including the use of sous vide cooking for perfectly cooked steaks.

1:22 - Jay's background and origin story
8:21 - The return to normalcy in the deal market
14:22 - What sellers should know before going to an investment bank
24:08 - What buyers should know before going to an investment bank
29:03 - An IB response to new LOIs
34:12 - Jay's life hack: sous vide

For more information on Raymond James, go to www.raymondjames.com
For more information on BluWave and this podcast, go to www.bluwave.net/podcast

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