Karma School

Episode 057

Private Equity Spotlight: Value and Vision with John Caple of Hidden Harbor

In this enlightening episode of the Karma School of Business Podcast, host Sean Mooney welcomes John Caple, Partner at Hidden Harbor Capital Partners, for an in-depth discussion on the intricacies of private equity. With a career that spans from management consulting at Bain to pivotal roles at HIG Capital and now Hidden Harbor, John offers a comprehensive view of his journey into the heart of private equity. This episode sheds light on the critical aspects of identifying potential in companies, the discipline required in investment decisions, and the strategic approach to fostering growth and operational excellence within portfolio companies.

Episode Highlights:

1:14 - Path to Private Equity: John shares his transition from Bain's fast-paced consulting world to embracing the challenges and rewards of private equity, highlighting his tenure at HIG Capital and the move to Hidden Harbor.
9:56 - Beyond the Boardroom: Dive into John's personal side, including his love for offshore fishing and the balance he finds between work and family life.
21:06 - Blueprint for Value Creation: Explore Hidden Harbor's methodical approach to enhancing portfolio companies, focusing on team building, execution, and leveraging a comprehensive portfolio operations group.
27:23 - Unlocking Growth Opportunities: John discusses targeted strategies for sales enhancement and system upgrades, alongside fostering a culture of employee engagement to drive sustainable growth.

For more information on Hidden Harbor Capital, go to www.hh-cp.com.
For more information on John, go to www.linkedin.com/in/john-caple-969345.

Join us as John Caple unravels the layers of strategy, discipline, and personal passion that define success in private equity. His insights offer valuable lessons for industry veterans and newcomers alike, emphasizing the importance of a balanced approach to professional challenges and life outside the office.

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