Karma School

Episode 051

Private Equity Innovator of the Year: Kevin McAllister, Access Holdings

In this episode of the "Karma School of Business Podcast," host Sean Mooney welcomes Kevin McAllister, Founder and Managing Partner at Access Holdings, celebrated as BluWave's 2024 Private Equity Innovator of the Year. Kevin discusses the groundbreaking strategies that have positioned Access Holdings at the forefront of the private equity industry.

Episode Highlights: 01:22 - Kevin introduces the Access Acceleration Center, showcasing how technology and data analytics underpin value creation. 10:28 - The journey of Access Holdings from a fundless sponsor to a market leader, highlighting the strategic vision behind their success. 20:38 - Kevin explores Access Holdings' dedication to corporate citizenship, demonstrating how they integrate social responsibility with business objectives. 30:01 - Discussion on Access Holdings' growth strategies that bolster portfolio companies and contribute to job creation. 37:53 - The significance of cultivating a culture of learning and innovation within Access Holdings to maintain competitiveness.

To learn more about Access Holdings, visit www.accessholdings.com. For details on BluWave's 2024 Top Private Equity Innovator Awards and Access Holdings' recognition, visit www.bluwave.net/awards. To discover more about Kevin McAllister, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-mcallister-5979347. For more information about BluWave and this podcast, visit www.bluwave.net/podcast.

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