Karma School

Episode 042

Nick Shaw, Mirrorbox Leadership Lab | ‘My Teacher, My Son: Lessons on Life, Loss, and Love’

In this deeply moving episode of the Karma School of Business podcast, hosted by BluWave's Founder and CEO, Sean Mooney, we sit down with Nick Shaw, co-founder of Mirrorbox Leadership Lab and author of My Teacher, My Son. Nick shares his personal journey through an unimaginable tragedy that led him to profound revelations about life, empathy, and the power of choice. This episode offers a unique perspective on how to navigate life's toughest challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth and enlightenment.

2:31 - Nick's background and path to becoming an executive coach
6:24 - Introducing Nick's book: 'My Teacher, My Son' and the story of William
13:44 - Stepping off of the hamster wheel of life
21:01 - The power of empathy & keeping it simple
31:48 - Taking steps forward: what Nick's doing now

-To purchase Nick's book, 'My Teacher, My Son," go to https://bit.ly/4aiggoo
-For more information about Nick as an author, go to www.meetnickshaw.com
-For more information about Nick and Mirrorbox Leadership Lab, go to www.mirrorboxleadershiplab.com
-For more information about William's Be Yourself Challenge, go to www.williamsbeyourselfchallenge.org
-For more information on BluWave and this podcast, go to www.bluwave.net/podcast

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