Karma School

Episode 026

Paul Stansik, ParkerGale Capital | The Sales Metric Playbook: A Private Equity Guide to Measuring Sales Growth

The Karma School of Business podcast is joined by Paul Stansik, an Operating Partner at ParkerGale Capital, to discuss his Sales Metric Playbook and overall approach to growth within portfolio companies. In the episode, we discuss:

2:06 - Paul's origin story and path to private equity
8:01 - The Sales Metrics Playbook and the importance of clean data
15:42 - What to do after you've got clean data
20:08 - Analyzing specific cohorts of revenue
30:04 - Managing long-term revenue goals versus short-term
36:42 - What benefits the key questions in the Sales Metric Playbook have in portcos
40:17 - Prioritizing sales opportunities
44:20 - The importance of marketing

To get in touch with Paul and ParkerGale, go to parkergale.com.
To get on the list for the weekly Sales Metric Playbook, go to parkergale.com/weekly-sales-metrics.
For more information on BluWave and this podcast, go to bluwave.net/podcast.

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