Karma School

Episode 056

Elevating Everyday: Private Equity Pros Share Transformative Life Hacks

In this standout episode of the Karma School of Business Podcast, host Sean Mooney compiles an array of life hacks shared by prominent figures in the private equity world. As we navigate the complexities of both the private equity industry and our personal lives, finding ways to streamline our daily routines is invaluable. This episode brings together the best tips and tricks from our esteemed guests, offering listeners practical solutions to enhance efficiency, improve wellbeing, and make the most out of every day. Dive into these curated insights and discover how small changes can lead to significant improvements in your life and work within the private equity sector.

Episode Highlights:

01:23 - Erica Blob on Sleep Solutions for Travel: Erica introduces a game-changing pillow that promises better sleep during travel, a must-have for the frequent private equity traveler.

04:33 - Andrew Joy's Foundation for Success: Andrew advocates for a return to basics, emphasizing hard work and dedication as the true "life hack" for success in private equity.

06:21 - Dave Feierstein's Wardrobe Efficiency: Dave reveals his strategy for simplifying daily attire decisions, a time-saving approach valued by private equity professionals.

11:08 - Gabe Mesanza on Effective Note-Taking: Gabe shares how transitioning to digital note-taking has revolutionized his organization and memory retention.

13:46 - David Hellier's Coffee Prep Hack: David offers a simple yet brilliant tip for a hassle-free coffee experience, perfect for the private equity morning routine.

15:46 - Charlie Gifford on Wine Aeration Technique: Charlie introduces a unique method for aerating wine, enhancing the private equity dining experience.

17:48 - Doug Horn on Tranquil Travel: Doug discusses how noise-canceling earphones have become his essential travel companion, offering peace amidst the bustling life of a private equity investor.

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Join us as Sean Mooney delves into these transformative life hacks shared by private equity leaders, demonstrating that efficiency, wellbeing, and enjoyment can coexist seamlessly in the fast-paced world of private equity.

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