Karma School

Episode 056

Elevating Everyday: Private Equity Pros Share Transformative Life Hacks

In a special episode of the "Karma School of Business Podcast," host Sean Mooney gathers invaluable life hacks from leading figures in the private equity sector. This compilation offers listeners a treasure trove of practical advice to streamline daily routines, enhance wellbeing, and optimize work-life balance in the demanding world of private equity.

Episode Highlights: 01:23 - Erica Blob's sleep-enhancing travel pillow for the frequent traveler. 04:33 - Andrew Joy champions hard work and dedication as foundational success principles. 06:21 - Dave Feierstein's strategy for simplifying wardrobe choices to save time. 11:08 - Gabe Mesanza's switch to digital note-taking for better organization and recall. 13:46 - David Hellier's quick coffee preparation tip for busy mornings. 15:46 - Charlie Gifford's innovative wine aeration method for an improved dining experience. 17:48 - Doug Horn's use of noise-canceling earphones for tranquil travel.

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