Karma School

Episode 047

Private Equity Predictions: Tackling 2024’s Opportunities and Challenges

Dive into the future of private equity with host Sean Mooney on the Karma School of Business Podcast, as he analyzes the industry's trajectory, reflecting on 2023 and forecasting the trends of 2024. This episode is a must-listen for professionals eager to grasp the transformative events of the past year and the strategic moves shaping the next growth cycle. Sean combines BluWave's proprietary data with macroeconomic indicators to suggest we are on the cusp of a new era of expansion, potentially lasting six to eight years.

The discussion revisits the accuracy of previous predictions, including the resilience of the economy, the VC bubble's burst, and the shift back to in-person work. Sean then lays out his predictions for 2024, forecasting an uptick in M&A activity and strategic selling by private equity firms. He also identifies the rise of data scientists as key players in the industry, essential for harnessing large data sets and driving informed investment decisions.

To cap off the episode, Sean examines potential wildcards that could sway the economic landscape, from geopolitical tensions to oil price volatility and shifts in consumer behavior. These insights are invaluable for private equity professionals looking to chart a successful course through the market's complexities and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

1:42 - Identifying the bottom of the cycle and predicting growth
3:10 - 2023 in review: Value creation and tech advancements
8:00 - Reviewing our 2023 predictions and their outcomes
15:17 - Strategic moves in private equity for 2024
21:28 - Potential disruptors to the 2024 economic outlook

To request your copy of the Q4 2023 Private Equity Insights Report, go to www.bluwave.net/insights-report

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