Karma School

Episode 055

Private Equity Spotlight: Doron Grosman on Shaping Success Across Sectors

In this insightful episode of the Karma School of Business Podcast, special guest host Rena Frackt, Managing Director and Head of Client Coverage at BluWave, engages in a profound conversation with Doron Grosman, a seasoned figure in the private equity landscape. Grosman, known for his roles as a serial CEO, private equity operating partner, and investor, shares his journey through the evolving world of private equity, venture capital, and angel investing. With a career that spans leading businesses in both public and private domains and holding significant positions in companies with EBITDA ranging from 50 to 500 million, Grosman brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.

Episode Highlights:

01:01 - Doron Grosman's Diverse Career Journey

02:25 - Influencing and Guiding Management Teams

04:45 - Challenges of Leading as a Private Equity CEO

06:39 - The Role of Board Engagement in Private Equity

08:37 - Leveraging Board Positions for Strategy and Governance

11:45 - Overcoming Challenges in Private Equity

15:08 - Essential Skills and Experiences for Private Equity Success

20:15 - Final Thoughts and Advice for Aspiring Private Equity Professionals

For more information on Doron, go to www.linkedin.com/in/dorongrosman

For more information on BluWave and this podcast, go to www.bluwave.net/podcasts

Join us for this episode as Doron Grosman shares invaluable lessons from his extensive experience in private equity, offering listeners a roadmap to mastering leadership, value creation, and strategic governance in the high-stakes world of investment.

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