Karma School

Episode 037

Scott Estill, Lancor | Talent Dynamics in Private Equity: How Firms are Refining their Approach

In this episode, host Sean Mooney and Scott Estill, a Managing Partner at Lancor, discuss the evolving landscape of the private equity industry. They delve into the importance of aligning the right people to the right roles, the emerging significance of the human aspect in business, and how top private equity firms are managing their talent acquisition and retention processes. Additionally, they explore the impact of technology advancement on the industry and everyday life. The conversation concludes with a reflection on the necessity to adapt and develop as change is the only constant factor in business. Get a behind-the-scenes look into these intriguing insights by tuning into the episode.

1:53 - Scott's story: solving a problem and whether or not to talk to your uber driver
11:43 - The most important things to make talent searches successful
22:54 - How top PE firms are managing through the assessment phase and appealing to talent
29:25 - Scott's book recommendations

For more information on Scott and Lancor, go to www.lancor.com

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